Welcome to Solace! Solace is a remarkable and rich world of intense, adrenalin-pumping multiplayer combat with an epic environment based upon the hugely popular fantasy series, Dragonlance.

We are a very successful MUD with a loyal player base and a dedicated team of Immortal staff.

We pride ourselves on our balanced world, constantly reviewing and updating to offer players the most engaging gaming experience possible.

We have a massive world, with easily accessible cities and towns for younger players, while mighty heroes can explore dangerous dungeons and otherworldly planes.

Our combat system is fast and furious, with split-second decisions and hundreds of skills and spells able to instantly turn the tide of battle.

Players may even join unique, intensely role-played organisations called Clans or dedicate themselves entirely to an individual God.

The time has come to strap on your armour, sharpen your blade and memorise your spells, for Solace welcomes you, brave heroes, dark villains, Solace welcomes you all!


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