MudConnector group policy guidelines

  • TWikiAdminGroup: superadmins, can influence site content and appearence a lot, must be granted with major care
  • MudConnectorGroup:
    • can change main site pages, such as MudList, ArticleList etc.
    • cannot change system topics like Web*, TWiki*, *Template, *Form
    • can do anything allowed to registered users
  • registered users:
    • cannot change main site pages or system topics described above
    • can add new logs,articles,muds, or create any new topic
    • can edit other pages if allowed to
  • non-registered users
    • have only 'view' access

TWiki Groups

These groups can be used to define fine grained TWikiAccessControl in TWiki:

Group Members
TWikiBaseGroup TWikiAdminUser, TWikiGuest, UnknownUser, TWikiContributor, TWikiRegistrationAgent
AllAuthUsersGroup All authenticated users.
AllUsersGroup All users including unauthenticated users.
TWikiAdminGroup TWikiAdminUser

New Group:  
  Warning, important Note: A group topic name must be a WikiWord and must end in ...Group. New topics are based on TWikiGroupTemplate

IMPORTANT NOTE: Think twice before restricting write access to a web or a topic, because an open system where everybody can contribute is the essence of WikiCulture. Experience shows that unrestricted write access works very well because:

  • There is enough peer pressure to post only appropriate content.
  • Content does not get lost because topics are under revision control.
  • A topic revision can be undone by a member of the TWikiAdminGroup if necesssary.

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